Technology Components



AgWay Transmitters are installed along the road or aisle where AGV or Objects travel. They form a local-GPS and transmit radio signals. The radio signals are safe, secure and interference-free to other radio devices. AgWay transmitters are compatible with harsh environments, including dust, fog, rain and snow.



AgWay Receivers are installed on AGVs, trucks, forklifts or simply attached to Pallets. The low-power model of Receiver can be put in pocket to track the position of human. 

Radio signals sent by the transmitters are received by Receivers. The Receiver may send this data to AgWay Server Application (Through WiFi) or to AgWay Client Application (Through USB). It just depends how/where you want to utilize the position data.


Client Application:

Client application is installed on an embedded computer on AGV. It receives radio signals from the Receiver through USB. It then drives the vehicle, controlling steering, speed, traffic etc. like a driver. Unlike normal positioning systems, AgWay is designed based on predefined_path_navigation_algorithm, invented by us.


Server Application:

The Server application is installed on a computer in control room and does the following jobs:

– Showing, storing and sharing location data of all AgWay Receivers in control-room user interface, Real-Time.

–  Showing, storing and sharing alarms and status of AGVs like battery status, faults, current mission, target point and carrying pallet.

– Managing traffics between Wireless Navigated AGVs and other AGVs, human driven vehicles respecting traffic lights. 

– Granting access to control room operator to manage AGV traffic manually.


Simulation Environment:

The whole framework can be run under a simulator environment. The simulator acts as a virtual AGV (Single or Dual steering wheel AGV with adjustable dynamics and kinematics). Hardware delays and lags are simulated according to settings. Vehicle producers can put the system under condition close to real installation condition to check navigation performance and functions before deployment.



Technicians can write plugins for AgWay Server and Client application to add connection capabilities to industrial automation devices, warehouse databases, traffic elements etc. It requires basic knowledge of C# language. The application compiles plugin code with no need to third-party compiler.

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