Data Exchange System

Connection to AGV

AgWay Server can be connected to AGVs supporting either,

– Modbus-TCP (Different addresses can be customized for different AGVs at the same time)

– TCP Ethernet IP (Customized object definition using Plug-In)

Note: Connection between AgWay Server and AgWay Client (Driving System) is carried out by AgWay_Link Secure SSL-3 protocol (Designed for Radio navigation system and Task Targeting Service)


Connection to Plant Resources

AgWay supports Modbus-TCP protocols, WebApi Interface and SQL Database Link for exchanging mission data to plant resources. The data is transferred by-event. It is formed as a batch of variables forming an object. Typical objects are:

 Receiving Mission: This object may include the type of the material, mission code, pickup point, delivery point etc. AgWay Server will select appropriate AGV and assign the mission, based on the settings on Program Table (Refer to Management System) 

– Mission Delivery: This object contains the mission code, pickup time, delivery time etc. This object is sent to the plant resources on specific events. AGV producer/Customer can modify the Plug-In for appropriate event triggers (pickup start, pickup finished, delivery start, delivery finished etc. are common triggers)

– Status: While AGV is executing a mission, status changes continuously. The Server will send an the status object to plant resources at special events. The content of the status object depends on the AGV type, but generally it contains Mission Code, Alarm Code, Current Route, Position, AGV code, Pickup Point, Delivery Point etc.. When AGV carries multiple missions, multiple objectof the status will be sent to plant resource.

The event on which the object is sent, is configured by AGV producer. Examples of the events can be passing a predefined point, waiting for door, passing a traffic element, Mission Delivery, special traffic situation and alarm occurrence. The type of alarm is dependent to the type of AGV (Generally are battery warnings, safety contamination, hardware failure, network disconnection, out-of-route, route block…)


Connection to Logistic Elements in Plant 

AgWay supports Modbus-TCP protocol for connecting to logistic elements in plant. The logistic elements may be used for mission exchanging, status monitoring and controlling purposes. Examples of the elements are:

– Controlling and Monitoring Traffic lights

– Controlling and Monitoring Doors and Gates

– Interacting with operators in assembly line for ordering and status notification 


Graphical User Interface

Operator in control-room can monitor

– Position of both Radio AGVs and General types of AGV

– Position of Trucks, Forklifts, Pallets etc. which is supplied by an AgWay Receiver

– Status of all AGVs (any standard AGV from any producer)

– Status of logistic elements on graphical map (status of traffic lamps, doors, gates, requests of assembly line, warehouse supply feed etc.)


Status Report & Log

Operator in control room can save and export logistic data in CSV or Text format. The type of data for logging must be defined by AGV producer or engineers in plant.

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