Licensing Agreement


We have designed AgWay as a framework. You can decide how you want to integrate it to your logistic system and vehicles. There are two types of agreements we can make. You can choose either Self-Installation-Licensing or Representative-Installation-LicensingOn both agreements, you will be purchasing a same set of software license and hardware from us, but with different installation terms.


Self-Installation Licensing 

Based on this agreement type, you can install the framework yourself.

According to Self-Installation-Licensing agreement, we will send you an instructor to train your technicians. The technicians will be trained how to install AgWay framework to your own vehicles. Read required technical skill level for technicians in Driving System Prerequisites.

For each installation by then, you will be purchasing just a software license and hardware from us, and performing the installation process yourself.

The training course includes all the instructions required for a full installation of the framework.
Trainees will be receiving a support code for accessing installation documentation and support.
The training course can include the following topics according to your demand:

– How to install the Transmitters, positioning system and setup application. Learn more…
– How to install driving system on a vehicle. Learn more…
– How to define rules for management system. Learn more… 
– How to exchange logistic data to other automation systems, databases, warehouse software etc. Learn more…




Based on this agreement type, we will install the framework on your vehicles.

According to Representative-Installation-Licensing agreement, one of our certified representatives will install the framework on your vehicles.

For each installation, you will be purchasing a software license and hardware from us. We will introduce our representative who is responsible for installing the framework on your vehicle.
Under Representative-Installation-Licensing agreement, your staff will be trained just to operate the final system. If maintenance support is required, we should add an extension to the agreement based on characteristics of the project.


Please note that AgWay Wireless Navigation Framework is protected by United States Copyright and International Treaties. Neither of Self-Installation-Licensing nor Representative-Installation-Licensing does not entitle you to distribute AgWay to other vehicle producers.

In case of any question about the licencing terms, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.