Driving System

Automatically Drive Your Vehicle

Once AgWay Transmitters installed inside the plant, real-time position data is available for all AgWay Receivers in the environment.

AgWay introduces Client application, a tool to drive vehicles accurately using this position data. Client application is installed on an embedded computer on the vehicle. The computer is connected to an AgWay Receiver (installed on the roof of the vehicle).  The data from AgWay Receivers is fed to the computer. The Client application then drives the vehicle, controlling steering & speed, traffic etc.; like a driver!

Unlike normal positioning systems, AgWay is designed based on predefined_path_navigation_algorithm, invented by us.

There is no need to stick any sort of Tape on floor. Technicians can easily draw the driving path on a graphical screen and put AGV at the required location.


Programming Interface

The Real-Time Task Executor on the Client application allows engineers to program AGVs under a programming language designed especially for navigation purposes. Complex calculation is done underneath by Client application; letting technicians to just concentrate on logistic levels of programming. It is possible to directly control all AGV actuators, or as an alternative, just share navigation data to vehicle controller and let the vehicle systems do the rest.



Vehicle producers can write plugins for Client application to add connection capabilities to specific vehicle components, industrial automation devices, warehouse databases etc. It requires basic knowledge of C# language. The Client application compiles plugin code with no need to third-party compiler. 

Programmers can share AgWay Plugins to extend capabilities. 

Supported Protocols

The main protocol for AgWay framework is Modbus-TCP which is a standard and well documented for many devices. Other protocols like CAN-BUS, which are specially made for vehicle systems, also are supported by AgWay, however, vehicle producer should write a Plugin to define the protocol specifications.

 Safe-Stop Controller

This is a feature on Client computer. It is a Minimum-Effort Controller for optimal steering actuation. The most significant role of the controller is safe driving. The controller ensures either 1. Safe and smooth driving with required accuracy or 2. Stopping AGV completely when required. Using the Safe-Stop controller, AGV wouldn’t experience any inaccurate/dangerous driving.



AgWay can drive vehicles both indoors and outdoors. This is a unique feature among other navigation platforms. The environment conditions are -25 to +50’C temperature, up to 99% relative humidity, 10m fog visibility, 8mm/h rainfall and 200m snow visibility.


Floor Slop/Unevenness

Unlike Laser-Based navigation systems that scan horizontal area around, AgWay transmitters are mounted on ceilings and walls with 60deg angle of horizontal sight. AGV can be driven accurately as long as the horizontal sight angle is satisfied. This ensures  automatic driving on extremely uneven floors and sharp slops; a special outdoor demand.



10cm uncertainty is guaranteed in the recommended condition (You can send us your environment condition; so that we can calculate the achievable accuracy)



Up to 5m/s speed is achievable depending on vehicle reaction and feedback. You can send us your vehicle specifications; so that we can calculate the maximum achievable speed.

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