Wireless Navigation

– Real-Time Location Indoors & Outdoors
– Dynamic Route Mapping
– Steering Command to AGV
– Dynamic Task Assignment to AGV

Bring automatic navigation to your AGV, lift trucks, towing trucks and vehicles.

AgWay offers an integrated framework for calculating position of vehicles and objects using radio technology indoor and outdoor, then accurately navigating vehicles, managing traffics, routing toward targets, defining instantaneous tasks for them, monitoring and finally exchanging data to variety types of automation devices in industries.
The technology is designed as a framework; You can simply program it as you prefer, to integrate it to your vehicles


Connectivity to

– Various Vehicle Controllers
– Different Field Interfaces and Devices
– AGVs from Multiple Producers
– Warehouse Databases
– Traffic Lights, Automatic Gates and Doors


AgWay introduces Task Table, a programming interface where you can assign Tasks to AGVs. Tasks typically define what AGV should do,  when and where. Using Task Table you can freely define communication interfaces for one AGV to other AGVs, to automation devices in industries, to interfaces of production lines and databases of warehouses. You can customize any sort of traffic management rules for AGVs.


 - Online Monitoring 
 - Data Storage 
 - Instant TasAssignment 
 - History Export for Analysis 

Connectivity to variety forms of data storage facilities enables your customers to collect statistical data about material handling, then optimizing the material flow.

Tracking of any object

- Pallets & Boxes
– Forklifts
– Existing AGV & Towing Trucks
– Robot End-Effector
– and any asset…


Just attach a small radio receiver module to any moving object you want, and the location & history of the movement will be available on AgWay server.

Once AgWay transmitters get installed, real-time location is available for all receiver modules. Receiver modules can be supplied also by a battery.

Additional Navigation Support

– Laser Scanners
– RFID Navigation Tags
– Magnetic Spots


In addition to Radio Navigation, AgWay framework supports three navigation methods which can be used  where installation of radio transmitters is hard or time consuming. A single AGV can utilize multiple methods and just switch between them.

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