Driving System Prerequisites


AgWay can be integrated to vehicles with Electric Power Steering. The vehicle should be able to receive steering and speed commands from AgWay, apply on wheels and then send current steering angle and speed as feedback to AgWay.
The command and feedback can be exchanged using variety of analogue or digital interfaces. Feedback response time 20ms is recommended for a smooth navigation. Wheel angle accuracy 1deg or less is recommended for stability.
The vehicle can be three-wheel or four-wheel. One or two of the wheels can be steering-wheel at the same time. The is no limitation for number of traction wheel, but it is recommended that feedback is derived from an idle wheel.
Auxiliary parts of the vehicle such as lamps, horn, flashers etc. can be connected to AgWay for a comprehensive control.
About geometry of the vehicle, it is recommended to install AgWay transceiver on the vehicle at minimum 2m height from the floor.


Safety System:

AgWay can be installed on vehicles with safety systems. The safety system must protect AGV with sufficient coverage according to vehicle speed. The safety system is also responsible to stop the vehicle in case of communication loss between AgWay Panel-PC and motor drivers.


Technical skills level:

To implement AgWay navigation, you need to have a good understandings of the following items
– Vehicle motors and drives functions
– Implementing sensors and performing data acquisition
– Computer networks configurations
– Fundamentals of computer programming and scripting
– Safety precautions in autonomous vehicles
If you are end-user of AGVs or vehicles, you can ask one of our representatives to integrate AgWay to your vehicles.


Vehicle Computer:

AgWay Client App runs on a Panel-PC on AGV. Our representatives can provide you the full PC package with Apps installed, however, if you want to setup the computer yourself, the following specifications are recommended
– CPU minimum dual-core 2.2GHz
– SSD Drive with 2GB free space
– Minimum 1 GB RAM
– 2*USB ports
– 10 screen anti sun reflection
– IO ports suitable for communication to vehicle parts
For installations where Server is required, the Server App runs on a computer in control room. The Server App provides a live Screen that casts real-time monitoring of all AGVs to control room screen.

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