Driving System Prerequisites

Vehicle Control

AgWay can be integrated to vehicles with Electric Power Steering (EPS). The vehicle should be able to receive steering and speed commands from AgWay computer, apply them on wheels and then feedback the current speed to AgWay computer.

The command and feedback can be exchanged using variety of analogue or digital interfaces. Feedback response time 20ms is recommended for a smooth navigation. Wheel angle accuracy 1deg or less is recommended for stability.

The vehicle can be three-wheel or four-wheel. One or two of the wheels can be steering-wheel at the same time. The is no limitation for number of traction wheel, but it is recommended that feedback is derived from an idle wheel.
Auxiliary parts of the vehicle such as lamps, horn, flashers etc. can be connected to AgWay computer for a comprehensive control.


Vehicle Safety

AgWay offers Safety Kit which are integrated to our Safe-Stop Controller. This makes the whole system resistant to any weather condition and light intensity. The Safety Kit is also responsible to stop the vehicle in case of communication loss between AgWay computer and motor drivers.

To work with the Safety Kit, the vehicle must be able to block the traction wheels in case the Safety Kit cut the main power (Power to the traction motor). This is normally enhanced by a magnetic brake on the traction motor (many vehicles have such possibility these days)


Technical Skill Level

We can install the navigation framework on your vehicle under the Representative-Installation-Licensing. In this case, basic knowledge operation and maintenance for logistic components is enough.

However, if your want to install the framework yourself (Self-Installation Licensing), you need to have a good understandings of the following items

– Vehicle motors and drives functions
– Implementing sensors and performing data acquisition
– Computer networks configurations
– Fundamentals of computer scripting
– Safety precautions in autonomous vehicles


Driving Environment

AgWay framework drives the vehicles based on Learn-Method. Driving computer tries to drive like a human driver as learned during learning phase. It means that the driver must know how to drive properly in any environment. This is extremely important for example for uphill/downhill slops, when learning procedure is taken place during a sunny day, while the vehicle is about to run throughout the year, sometimes on slippery road.