Positioning System

          Obtain Position Indoors & Outdoors

Install & Locate!

Install AgWay Radio Transmitters in the plant, power them up, and real-time position will be available for any AgWay Receiver module in the environment.

You can install the Transmitters under ceilings, on walls or along the road/aisle where Vehicles/Objects travel. Learn more about Transceivers…


Radio Technology

– Standard: CE standard certification is valid for certified installation/configuration of AgWay framework. Learn more…

– Synchronization: All the transmitters are synchronized automatically over air, without any data cable. 

– Transmitters Power supply: USB, Battery or 5VDC 250mA-max

– Receivers Power supply: Battery included (battery life varies from 3 to 18 month depending on update rate)


Radio Coverage

Installing two Transmitters every 40m is required for full coverage. Depending on the layout of the plant, this value can be changed.

It is recommended to install the Transmitters at more than 3m height, to keep better line of sight to Receivers.

Each set of 4 adjacent Transmitters are called a Trans-Set. There can be up to 248 Trans-Sets working at the same time in a single network (Totally 992 Transmitters). The framework can handle up to 8 real-time receives under each Trans-Set simultaneously (Totally 248 receivers working at the same time, if they are uniformly distributed). If the number of receives go beyond this value, the position data will be delayed proportionally.


-25 to +50’C temperature, up to 99% relative humidity, 10m fog visibility, 8mm/h rainfall and 200m snow visibility.