Your Benefits!

Easy Path Modification

There is no need to stick any sort of Tape on floor. Operator can easily modify path by drawing on screen and putting AGV at the required position.


AGV Monitoring

Operator in control room can monitor AGVs real-time and gather statistical data to optimize material transportation


Monitoring any Moving Object

Once the transmitters get installed, real-time location is provided for any receiver module. Just attach a small radio receiver module to any moving object you want, and the location & history of the movement will be available on AgWay server.


No Horizontal-Line Limitation

Unlike Laser-Based navigation systems that scan horizontal area around, radio transmitters are mounted on ceilings and walls.
All the area around the AGV will remain available for storing materials. AGV can also work on extremely uneven floors which is a special outdoor demand.


Working Indoors and Outdoors

Wireless navigation can work both indoors and outdoors. This is a unique feature among other navigation platforms.

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